Status: Concluded
Gender: Female
Race: Catfolk
Class: Rogue
Level: 5
Age: 19
Alignment: Good
Deity: The Free Spirit
Height: 4’11”
Weight: 115


To the members of her adventuring party, Néshira’s past remains a mystery. The only thing she actively reminds the group about is her commitment to her family and her desire to find her people.

Chieftan’s daughter (Dessir [deh-seer]). Bold, adventurous, never backing down from a challenge if it would help her people. She successfully beat off the bandits when she was a cub. Went on recon missions spying on the lizardfolk. Picked up thievery skills. Always goes back to save weaker members of her team, even though this put her in some tight situations. One mission, she went back and save her younger sister (Sesserine [seh-seh-rean]) and got the scar. Some kind of awesome champion of tribe breaking gender role type things. Spirit quest of win. Also probably there were inter tribe competitions that she would always win. Even against older opponents Any trinkets from Sesserine would always be on her person (feathers/ribbons in hair, etc) Néshira was Sessi’s role model.

Néshira got her mirror shard from Sesserine. Dessir gave a small hand mirror of his wife’s to Sesserine after she passed because unlike Néshira, Sesserine couldn’t cope with her mother’s loss. Dessir had told Sesserine that when she grew up she would be able to see her mother in the mirror (they looked similar?) and until then to have faith and smile. From that day forward, Sesserine never went anywhere without the mirror being on her person. Without their mother, Sesserine became very attached to Néshira and followed her everywhere. When Néshira started her combat training and going on missions, Sesserine naturally tried to follow suit but could not keep up with the physical demands of the job. Terrified of losing another part of her family Sesserine broke the mirror which was as much a part of her as was her mother and gave half to Néshira so they could always be together even if Sesserine couldn’t follow. In essence, all they would have to do is look into their pieces of the mirror to be connected and to be one again.

The New Year after Néshira’s petrification (2L2 New Year) was the first time Dessir and Sesserine became worried about Néshira’s absence. For the next year, the clan members constantly searched for her.


Néshira is a mixture of the “in the moment” personalities often displayed by cats and the more thoughtful nature of humans. As is typical of her race, she possesses a strong wanderlust, a short attention span, and an unswerving loyalty to anyone she deems worthy of her trust (trust and loyalty both being of great value among Catfolk society). Wearing her heart on her sleeve, she would rather think with her emotions and instincts than with logic unless thrust into the fray of battle-as is evidenced by the fiery temper she often shows to her fellow campaign members-but can still manage to pull herself together and think if she feels she absolutely must be serious. Honest and blunt, Néshira means well and is kind at heart, but she tends to have a certain disconnect between what she means and understanding how other people construe the words that come out of her mouth. In addition to all of these “fine” qualities, Néshira has developed a curious and seemingly unexplainable passion for daggers.


Néshira seeks to:

  • Find and kill the man who took a member of her new family away from her.
  • Free the water elementals from their prison in Mist.
  • Locate the remainder of her tribe of Catfolk-the Stalking Dawn clan.
  • Retrieve a piece of a mirror she had in her possession when she was petrified.
  • Dig up information about her family and what happened with her tribe 5000 years ago.
  • Save the world. Or at least Calterach (sp?)

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