Status: Concluded
Gender: Female
Race: Tiefling
Class: Cleric
Level: 5
Age: 19
Alignment: Good
Deity: The Lord of the Sky
Height: 6ish ft
Weight: 130ish lbs.


Shae is a Tiefling cleric, following The Lord of the Sky (Caexorn). She is one of the “Awakened”, and was once a member of the Western Aetheria Guild for Exploration and Recovery. Her cleric powers came from time training at a temple, after which she decided to leave. When she found herself short of money, she took a job with WAGER to get enough money to buy food, but eventually stayed because she liked her party.


Shae is extremely unpredictable, and has a tendency to react impulsively to situations she believes should happen her way. She likes to be “in control” of a situation, and readily engages in competitions of wit and knowledge with Simmah. She is also extremely protective of her adventuring party and deity, and will do almost anything to protect either. She has a tendency toward reckless abandon with respect to her own safety, and does not enjoy engaging in “typical social engagements” (This does not include interrogations or diplomatic relations). While she tries to have patience with people and creatures, her demonic side usually wins out and reacts explosively.


  • Fix the balance of the natural world order
  • Have time to meditate, and make sure her party does not have access to alcohol

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