Expedition 1 - Southern Outpost

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Expedition Number: 1
Expedition Date: 2011-05-31

The four day expedition concluded with a quiet return journey to Pabdos. The heavy footsteps of nearly a dozen humanoids traveling with hundreds of pounds of weapons, armors, shields, equipment, food, books and, of course, treasures kept the wilds at bay. Even the overnight camp along the river left the watches bored but allowed time for everyone to look over the maps from the human civilizations that once lived here. The abandoned fortress is referred to as Sunset Outpost.

The expedition was held at the gates of the town by the guard. When pressed, the guards simply responded that it was to prevent rioting by the common folk. A familiar looking eladrin introduced himself as Aelasyl. He arrived with several wagons and porters to move the tomes and idols to the university. Once the recovered items were transferred into his care, Aelasyl led the expedition to a back room in the Feywild.

“With the successful return of your expedition, we have taken the liberty of making a few arrangements for you all. First, we have been granted a charter for the Western Aetheria Guild of Exploration and Recovery. This should allow any group of you to conduct business within the town and should you choose, pool some assets together for various purposes. Next, they’ve leased several rooms here at the Feywild for your temporary lodging and this room for you to conduct any necessary planning for future expeditions. The various Secretaries have made an initial investment into the guild to allow you to refill any basic exploration supplies at any of the local general stores. Finally, you’ll have access to the Aetheria University library. All that they ask in return is to have first refusal at any books and art pieces you recover. I’ll leave these documents with you to sign at your discretion.”

Now, onto the other stuff. Here’s a full list of what various expedition members acquired throughout the fortress. Also, all characters that made the journey receive 500 experience points. I’m not quite sure how everything was divided up, so that’s on you guys.

Drawbridge/Moat Pit Trap 300xp
Crocodile 600xp
Centipede 600xp
Stables Kobolds (x9) 675xp
Gelatinous Cube 900xp
Poison Dart Trap 600xp
Shocker Lizards (x3) 1800xp

500xp per player

Storehouse 100gp
Stables 10pp
Chainshirt ?

+1 longsword 2015gp
composite longbow +1 100gp
longswords (x3) 45gp
javelins (x5) 5gp
heavy crossbow 50gp
breastplate (x2) 400gp
chain shirt 100gp
+1 buckler 1015gp
buckler 15gp
light steel shield 10gp

Vault Solid gold idols (x3) 1700gp
100 platinum pieces
Potion of cure light wounds 50gp
Potion of aid 300gp
Potion of cure light wounds 50gp
White pearl 110gp
Moonstone 50gp
Rose quartz 40gp

Lastly, here are the three new expedition locations:

  • A tower believe to have been an arcanist’s study up near the mountains, north of the Sunset Outpost.
  • An encampment that was once home to a human forest tribe.
  • A former human outpost on the southern coast. Rumored to have been the first to fall and mark the beginning of the end of the human empire.

outpost basement

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