Expedition - Unknown Notes

6x500 = 3000

CR 1 = 300 CR 2 = 600 CR 3 = 900

Kobolds (CR 1/4) x7 Dire Weasel (CR 2) Small Monstrous Spider (CR 1/2) Troglodyte (CR 1) x2 Monitor Lizard (CR 2) x1 Yuan-Ti Pureblood (CR 3) x1 Troglodyte Zombie (CR 1) Human Zombie (CR 1/2) x4 Sahuagin (CR 2) x3 Trog Cleric (CR 2) x1

CR 2 x7 CR 1/4 x7 CR 2 CR 1 x2 CR 1/2 x4 CR 2

600 x9 = 5400/4 = 1350

8x Kobold (pg 161)

4x Small Monstrous Spider (pg 288)

2x Troglodyte (pg 246) 1x Monitor Lizard (pg 275)

Yuan-Ti Pureblood (pg 263) Masterwork scimitar (315 gp) Masterwork studded leather (325 gp) Masterwork heavy shield (320 gp) Amber (120 gp) 80gp 400sp [1200 gp value] 2x Troglodyte 1x Monitor Lizard

Troglodyte Zombie (pg 266) Human Zombie (pg 266)

Swamp to the Southeast where the attacks originated

3 day journey

Encounter #1 Night attack - Small monstrous spider (x4) (pg 288)

Encounter #2 Sahuagin attack (pg 217)

Outside the outpost gates Troglodyte (x2) Monitor Lizard

Bldg 1 - Pen Human zombies Bldg 2 - Barracks Troglodyte (x2) Monitor lizard Bldg 3 - Commander’s Tent Yuan-Ti pureblood Bldg 4 - Shrine Troglodyte cleric Bldg 5 - Kobold warren Kobold pack (x8) Basement Building -

Encounter #3 Kobold Warband (10-24) Dire weasel (2-4) (pg 65)

After a few days of research, you’re able to get a general sense of where the former outpost is supposed to be. The journey will lead you down the coast of Aetheria from Pabdos to the southern edge of the island. There seem to be two paths, one will lead you through a dense jungle. The other leads you along the shoreline.

JUNGLE On the second day of the journey: A spot check (DC 20) will make the marching order leader(s) aware of the webs.

Unhappy that their webs were destroyed, four small monstrous spiders attack.

SHORELINE On the second night of camping: A spot check (DC 25) or a listen check (DC 25) can make the midnight watch aware of the attack. Otherwise, the Sahuagin get a surprise attack.

You hear the very soft sound of water dripping and landing on the sand.

Sahuagin #1 (15 hp) 6 dmg by rowlf, 9 dmg by mal, 5 kincaid Sahuagin #2 (9 hp) kill by kincaid Sahuagin #3 (11 hp) kill by mal


Night of the third day: In the distance you can make out a wooden structure atop the hill. A few lanterns hang from the frame of the gate. The palisade and gates seem to have been newly constructed.

A large fire dominates the center of the encampment. To the north side of the fire are two small tents and an empty wooden cage. Just behind the fire is a large, multi-poled tent. To the south is a moderately sized tent and a small wooden building.

Two small tents Entering either of the small tents disturbs the other. The first tent entered has a monitor lizard and a troglodyte. The other tent has a troglodyte.

A large, multi-poled tent dominates the backside of the encampment.

Entering the tent a large table and a desk dominate the area. A slim figure rises up from behind the desk and draws a scimitar.

11dmg rolf 5dmg kin

(15 damage Max hit.)

A moderately sized tent. As you enter the tent, a reptilian creature is kneeling at an altar. A black dragon in a crystal ball sits in the middle of the altar.

5dmg kincaid 2dmg mal 4dmg rolf (11dmg)

A small wooden building. Inside the building you find a few small piles of hay and a putrid stench. A ladder leading down into the earth is in the corner.

As you climb down the ladder, you see wooden planks at the bottom.

Human zombies. 15 dmg

2 - Barracks Ghoul (CR 1) (pg 119) x4 x1 13 Zircon (60gp) Aquamarine (500gp) 3 - Armory Ghast (CR 3) (pg 119) Skeletons (CR 1/3) (pg 226) x3 MW Heavy Steel Shield (170gp) Potion of Cure Light Wounds (50gp) (x4) 400 gold pieces 4 - Strategy Room Human Zombies (CR 1/2) (pg 266) x3 Wight (CR 3) (pg 255) Silver Chalice with a human with a halo on the sides (100gp) 1 scroll of scorching ray (150gp) 2 scroll of alarm (25gp) 4 scroll of animate rope (25gp) 5 scroll of doom (25gp) 6 scroll of virtue (12gp) wand of light (375gp) (45 charges) elixir of love (150gp) 5 - Well Zombie Small Monstrous Spider Slam +4 1d4+2 AC 15 (ff 14) 6hp CR (1/4) kill 1 (rofl) kill 1 (kin)

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