Pabdos News, Vol 19, Ed 9

Pabdos News, Vol. 19, Ed. 9

New Guild: Western Aetheria Guild of Exploration and Recovery

The Western Aetheria Guild of Exploration and Recovery (WAGER) has been registered by guild officials at the Office of the Secretary of Commerce. Word on the street is that the Eldin Ruatylian used his office as the Secretary of the Interior and the Chancellor of Aetheria University to speed the guild through the application process. The Cabinet declined comment.

Sea Lanes Shutdown Ahead of Winter Season

While the sea shipping routes tend to shutdown with the winter season, many merchants have already halted shipments due to increased attacks on their ships, sailors and cargo. Seven ships have been lost at sea in the past two months. Prior to that only three were lost during the rest of the year.

40+ Laborers Feared Dead

About three weeks ago, forty-two day laborers were hired for two days plus travel to assist in the excavation of an ancient human outpost. The contract ended three weeks ago and a few were reported missing by family members two weeks ago. An investigation has been opened into their disappearance but has not progressed at all. In addition, no information about they employers has been found.

Eladrin Nobility Reported Missing

Elaina Ruatylian, the younger sister of Secretary Eldin Ruatylian, has been reported missing by her family. The family has already used magical means to locate her but have turned up nothing. Any information regarding her whereabouts should be forwarded to the Fey Enclave, the University or the Temple of Caexorn.

Yoweth Svitrani Presides Over Funeral Service

A funeral service was held in memory of Ark’kruy’ek Ark’urolauo’ao, Devout Evangelist of Caltirach two weeks ago. Better known as Thumper, Ark’kruy’ek was killed while evangelizing to a group of WAGER guildmembers and assisting them in their expedition to cleanse an ancient human outpost of the undeath. The Yoweth Svitrani of Pabdos personally performed the funeral rites and has reportedly sent a petition to the Golden City requesting one of his texts on evangelism be incorporated into the Arabdolvess Ithquenti.

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