I’m building my blog. I’ve let it languish as a Wordpress blog for too long. So, I’m converting it into a static site using Gatsby. The theme is pretty basic as I refresh my web design skills that have languished for too long. I’ve organized all the content back into markdown files from the various previous iterations of my blog. I’ve settled on using Psikik as my handle and deprecating the domain.

I’m raising my son, affectionately known on the internet as Babels. It’s not easy and it’s exhausting but I’ve found so much joy in it. Despite wanting children for a long time, until recently I found it often more challenging than not to parent. These days I trust that I’m capable of this responsibility and that I’m succeeding at it.

I’ve transitioned away from day-to-day development at work, but I’m continuing to learn and sharpen my skills both inside and outside of the workplace. These days I manage the upcoming work for my team and coordination with other teams throughout the company. At home, I’m working primarily on this blog but once I feel comfortable with it, I’ll start another project.

Updated 15 November 2018 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

James Abels
James Abels